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Zoe Montagna 4D2

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Facchin Sofia 2C1

Classe 3E1


Gaia Rigolon della 3E1



Today I think that it is quite important to talk about motivation. This is a difficult period for
everyone, but we don’t need to feel sad, depressed or scared, if we stop for a second and
think; now we have something that we hardly ever have, we have time. In my life I’ve heard
a lot of people say that they don’t have time for their family, their friends, their hobbies,
they just don’t have time. Now we aren’t free, we are locked in our houses and we miss a lot
of things, we had almost everything and now we have almost nothing. We have to follow
rules, listen and stay silent while a lot of people are dying, and the only thing we can do is be
thankful, we are safe, everyone in our family is safe and we are still alive. Because of all of
these things we have to be grateful and take the time to take care of ourselves, NOW we
have time. We have to be motivated, we are always at home; let’s try new things, let’s
explore old pictures, old memories, let’s be with our family as long as we can, let’s start
working out (now we don’t have any excuses), let’s try new hobbies. We can think of what
we are going to do when the quarantine is over, we can set new aims, we can focus on our
dreams and maybe start planning how to achieve all these goals; but the most important
thing is to be positive, if you start with positivity it can’t go wrong. Stop thinking that you
can’t do anything, everything you truly want to do, you can do it, don’t give up if you
haven’t even tried, go on and make yourself proud. We can finish this quarantine with a lot
of new descoveries, new hobbies, new memories and we can be better people, or we can
just stay as we are and not change a single thing. It’s up to us to take this decision, and it can
be the best one in our life.

Marija Stanojevic
Classe 2C1

4e2 Prof.ssa Melania Basile Riflessioni


It is certainly a difficult and bad period for all of us Italians, but we will make it together and with everyday strength, everything will be fine.
We want to heartily thank doctors, nurses, pharmacists and workers who fight against this risk and still work for us.
Even if doing online lessons could seem difficult, we adapt.


Distanti ma vicini 

In questi giorni di quarantena ci siamo rese conto dell’importanza delle piccole cose, che invece prima davamo per scontate, come ad esempio fare una passeggiata, passare il tempo con gli amici, un semplice abbraccio…
Ci siamo rese conto di quanto siano importanti certe persone nella nostra vita, abbiamo iniziato a prenderci più cura di noi stesse, senza pensare solamente ai problemi. Pensiamo che in questo momento la cosa più importante sia sostenerci a vicenda e rispettare le regole per il bene di tutti.  Ringraziamo tutti i medici per tutto il lavoro che stanno facendo e per quello che hanno fatto fino adesso; e anche a tutti quelli che si stanno impegnando e stanno finanziando per combattere e risolvere questa situazione. 
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